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The commonality of the models is that the units of framework we present are of cognitive, subjective nature, and that they include hypothetical constructs as perceived equity, need achievement, expectation, and values.Kelly earned her Master of Mass Communication from Arizona State and has taught consumer behavior and communication courses at the undergraduate level.Job satisfaction, and probably also consumer satisfaction, is not measurable on a simple bipolar scale but consists of two more or less independent (sets of) factors.However, different consumers will come to different buying decisions based on a number of factors like cultural influences, environmental elements and even their own personality.ABSTRACT - Motivation-need theories are reviewed, their implications to consumer behavior investigated, and the various findings and concepts integrated in.

To sweeten the deal, marketers put these items on sale and even distribute coupons to reinforce our decision to buy.Status, prestige, and esteem may be derived from the possession and usage of products and their conspicuous features.To understand a buyer needs and convert them into customers is the main purpose of the consumer behavior study.Therefore, they cannot be directly extended to a purchase situation that involves a combination of dichotomies involving purchase behavior-satisfaction and purchase behavior-dissatisfaction.A structural principle is needed to explain the dynamic interactions of needs and their fulfillments.

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A few points about this definition: one, consumers can be individuals, groups or even organizations.

Theory of Consumer Behavior: There are two main approaches to the of consumer behavior of demand.Such elicited motives constitute a listing of the relevant needs or motives applicable to a specific situation.It only takes a few minutes to set up and you can cancel at any time.Your social class based on your occupation, income and education can influence buying behavior as can your membership in a group such as family and friends at work or at school.Often, there is an opinion leader in the group who has influence over the buying behavior of others because of specialized knowledge of sheer force of personality.

Absence of necessary attributes gives rise to dissatisfaction, while the presence of motivating attributes leads to satisfaction.Armstrong (1976) provides some examples of the restoration of equity between consumers and marketers.

Become a Consumer Behavior Analyst: Step-by-Step Career Guide.Stated somewhat differently, the tendency to engage in an activity is determined by the desired goal of the action.Others have a personality that encourages them to select a product for purchase when they find one that is good enough although it may not be the best in terms of price or features.To review, consumer behavior is a rather extensive concept, including all the parts of the process consumers go through to satisfy their needs, from the product search, to purchase and post-purchase behavior.

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We will try to find answers to these questions before we apply this concept to consumer motivation.Meaning and Definition: Consumer behaviour is the study of how individual customers, groups.Consumer Behavior Theory and Marketing Strategy Related Study Materials.Well, maybe not really, but by studying our habits as consumers, over time they can begin to predict our behavior and even anticipate things like seemingly random shopping trips induced by late-night cravings for our favorite food.

In non-attributive method the researcher has to start with a listing of these possible motives and request the consumer to indicate the ones he considers salient.The application of the equity concept of consumer behavior may be restricted to some aspects of consumption.

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On the other hand, and equitable relation is a necessary but not a sufficient prerequisite for consumer satisfaction.At the highest level, consumer behavior is viewed as a complex web of interacting physical and conceptual forces, and the interaction between varying neural.This is especially true for the functional, social, and curiosity motives.When you get home, you snip some basil and oregano from your herb garden and get to work in the kitchen.In this model (eq. 1), overall preference or total utility a product class satisfies and the evaluation of these motives may be written as, EQUATION.

In our opinion, motivational models are highly relevant for the generic choice process, while multi-attribute attitude models are relevant for the specific choice process.Fred van Raaij, Tilburg University Kassaye Wandwossen, Tilburg University.Theory of Consumer Behavior:- The field of psychology includes a multitude of theoretical approaches to study human behavior.

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To summarize, equity is useful in two ways for consumer research.Environmental Theory of Buying Behavior The same buyer can exhibit different buying behavior based upon the situation.

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How the consumer feels about the product after the purchase is also an issue.Expectancy theory states that the desire or motive to engage in a certain behavior is a composite of the expected outcome of that behavior and the value or evaluation of that behavior.The need achievement model (Table 1) attributes the strength of motivation to the cognitive expectation that the action will result in the consequence.