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Additionally, the company will print 4000 brochures that will be used for creating awareness regarding their fitness and health services.As per the summary above, sales forecast for the three periods increases at a high rate.

The customers usually refer these as the offering, which is generally controlled by the four marketing Ps: product, price, place, and promotion.It is also apparent that these sales exceed the operating expenses therefore, revealing that Pat Fitness and weight control centre will make net profits in its first financial year.


This paper illustrates a business plan for Pat Fitness and Weight Control Centre that is planned to start its operations in January 2012.Custom Business Plans and Private Placement Memorandums (PPM) for small businesses.It will also consider increasing the range of services it offers to include other physical exercises such as spa and swimming pools in order to cater for the different customer tastes and preferences.

Most of the centers offer their services at a costly price, cutting out the low income earners.These services will be offered in the most effective way possible to ensure sufficient satisfaction to the target customers and assist in building a competitive advantage.The centre seeks to establish a two storey building to accommodate all these activities.This is because, in the United States, about 130 million Americans are overweight of which, 15 percent are children (Keller, 2009).The centre will also require chairs, tables and computers to facilitate its daily operations.For instance, lack of exercise is a primary cause of obesity, a primary concern for most populations, as well as states.Pat Fitness and weight control products will also be acquired through its website whereby the company communicates the intended information for customers to download and practice.

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Its owners and staff are trained and experienced to ensure customers get quality services.

BizplanSource: Creating Custom Business Plans that bring value to your business or idea.Plans to establish an official website for the Pat Fitness and weight control centre are underway.The centre is expected to start its operations in January next year.To attain long-term profitable growth through expanding its brand and strengthening the strengths.

This is caused by increased club membership, which may be as a result of high quality services offered by the centre to its customers at affordable rates, compared to what its competitors charge.In addition, just like any other business, the centre is required to acquire a license from the concerned state officials in order to start its operations.Apparently, most of the centers in the region are offering limited sessions, and thus the clients will consider this pricing strategy as valuable.Hire Our Writers to Experience Their Talent in Writing a Simple Business Plan.

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However, Millan has to spend some cash and establish her office, which has to be furnished with the necessary equipment.

Additionally, the centre is aware of the duties and responsibilities it has towards its employees, customers, its key shareholders, as well as to the general public, and thus the need to conserve the environment for the benefit of all.If not well managed, these risks may be of great threat to the centre as a whole.Some of the perceived risks the centre might encounter include fire resulting from the electrical faults, considering the fact that most of the equipment within the facility use electricity, theft, and risk of getting contagious diseases, especially to the trainers who have to freely interact with the customers.On the other hand, contingency plans are the strategies that are employed to avoid and prevent risks, which as a result help to reduce harms caused by the same.Medical research indicates that obesity and weight control have been rated as the most widespread nutritional problems around the world, over the previous 20 years, eclipsing infectious diseases and under-nutrition, as the greatest contributor to mortality and ill health.The mission of this centre is to provide awareness, training programs and strategies that relate to fitness and health care matters.

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