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Get started in less than one minute: Enter a summary of the homework you need done, pick a bidder and pay after you receive the help.A digital student planner that helps students stay organized.Windows 7 HomeGroup: Frequently Asked Questions. if you take your work computer home and connect to.After flashing BIOS, the screen is nothing but power led is blink.Can I use a switch instead of a router to use two systems simultanously.

Get an extenson cable from the ground floor to my room to connect to the internet.I would like to ask if you could clarify regarding what you said about the configuration of connecting from the isp to the router. what is exactly do we need to know for our provider to get a compatible router. thanks.

Wifi has a range of around 300 feet at best, quite often far less.He connects the cable modem and a router on his desktop (window XP home SP2) and all other three laptops will connect to the home network via the router (wirelessly).My daughter will be attending college and living in a dorm room.I have a U-Verse 4 port router and have 6 devices to connect.

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All the laptops are connecting to router and getting IP addresses but they cannot ping each other, either by hostname or ip address.

I was going to buy a router today until i started thinking what i need to buy.Just got me thinking when you read about the concern with mobile phones etc.The reason it drops is because you only have one IP address associated to the modem, it cannot split the IP, you would need a router in order to accomplish this.My question is, is there a way to the main laptop to be wireless as well, without having it plugged in via ethernet cable to the router.You have not mentioned the impact of your anti-virus program if it has a firewall.This provides internet acces to my other computer via my ethernet card.This also happens to be where our broadband connection comes into the house.Most of the time, the desktop and other two laptops CAN see the new VAIO on the screen but CANNOT access the shared files while the new VAIO CANNOT see other computers but itself in the workgroup.

Today I received a cable to connect to my SKY modem and the computer, however the computer keeps saying that the internet is not recognised (the laptops are networked).I want connect two computer with a single network cable. please help me can do it.If your ISP assigns only one IP address, and the cable modem is not also a router, then you will need a router.If you despise homework, especially which you do not like and are looking for someone who could do your homework online, then we can assist you.My first suggestion is can you get one computer working without the router.

If my latop is wireless can I use it in any hotspot like an airport or do I need yet anotherpiece of hardware of service provider.One is wired right into the DSL modem while the other is run wirelessly.Initially my computer was having only Win98se O.S. Now I have installed Window XP, recently. Win98se O.S is in C: drive and Window XP O.S is in D: drive.Initially having one wired temporarily can sometimes make configuring the router easier.The only difference between what we are doing and what the provider wants to sell you is their device just combines the modem and router in to one device.How to find work from home jobs, including companies that hire employees to remotely, work from home job listings and advice, and how to avoid scams.When i first tried it, with some fiddling i got it to work however two days later it stopped working.

My question is, how do I keep Lonnies computer from accessing my network.To add insult to the injury I figured out it can be fixed by a) rebooting a PC, b) rebooting a router, or c) just unplugging an Ethernet cable and immediately plugging it back.Both my computers are connected to the internet but i cant seem to get them on the same network.In order to connect to home office the program they have supplied me with to transmit statements is dial up.Thanks for any help or advice you can offer and great work with the page.The user manual mentions about a port for USB2.0. Does this mean I have to buy a USB adapter or something.Can this connection be made with this router or do I have to buy a access point.If necessary, you can always access the HomeGroup password from any of the computers in the group.

It works perfectly with my main Desktop and my Laptop, I can access the internet and my email with no problems and share my printer.I also want to be able to disconet my laptop from the linksys router because it has wireless and stil be connected to the same network with my desktop.Schedule employees the easy way, reduce absenteeism and turnover, save time and money.I live in an apartment build that proveds me with a connection to the internet, the whole apartment is wired for internet using a t1 line.The nicest piece of software that I know of to do this is angry ip scanner.I have a blu ray player that needs to be wired, but I wanted to know if I could use an extra wireless router as an access point to get a connect to the player.When a computer is not joined to a domain, the setting is honored properly by HomeGroup.Do I use Straight-through or Crossed CAT5 cable to connect them together.

This happens even if the Use user accounts and passwords to other computers under HomeGroup connections in Advanced sharing settings is enabled.For that, and for just a plain old hub, you probably want to make sure you have netbui protocol installed as well.What you described should be fine: cable to wireless router, and then your two laptops.You can then access files and printers from your home computers on your work computer.I have done some research but need more clarification for my situation.I want to set up a wireless router for my laptop while remaining hardwired on my desktop computer.On the first floor, I have the internet broadband cable modem connected to a D-Link gigabit wireless router.

I know this sounds complicated, but with the way chases are run in the house, this would be the easiest way to run cable.My son has a laptop (the one in college) PC with an 801.11g card in it.

The Belkin you point to should be fine, I run a LinkSys in a couple of situations as well.So upon getting the 4 port hub, I connected the TB gateway from the hub, and nothing out from the TB gateway that would be affected by it going off line.What i would like to know how can i access the internet do i have to.Writing coach that really helps you get a high-quality custom-written plagiarism-free work done.How do I create a LAN (Peer-peer) between the two of them, just to share files and printers and probably internet connections.If this is the case I reccomend NOT USING the built in router and purchasing a linksys.Seven of them jacks are being used for internal networking and little WAN.Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about myHomework Student Planner.